Thursday, May 24, 2018

Show: Atho Athamma Kuthuro Serial

Rajaram, Sundaramma belongs to one Zamindar family. Who had one son and one daughter namely Veerendra and Sulochana. The eldest daughter Sulochana got married. Now our story starts with unmarried Veerendra.

The family of Rajaram has got 100 crores of assets. They have no opportunity to avail. That is how it is so… Rajaram’s grandfather died after writing a legal document saying all the total assets should belong to a male child to be born in the fourth generation. Though it’s surprised to hear it may be his ambition to develop and continue their family in four generations.

Now in the present running story Veerendra belongs to third generation. The male child which will be given birth through Veerendra will come under fourth generation. That male child is heir to Zamindar family and 100 cores assets will belongs to him as per the will. If not so, a female child is born the entire assets will go to orphans organizations. This is the mandatory condition in the will document. It is not in the hands of any one by giving birth either to a male child or female child. So what is to be done for the male child of the fourth generation in their family..