Thursday, May 24, 2018

Show: Jabilamma Serial

Jabilamma, looks at segment of the woman fraternity – the working women. We all rarely notice the background work that such working women put into our lives to keep them functioning smoothly, and this area of contribution is invariably unacknowledged. This action lies in the background and goes unnoticed, just the way the moving needles of clock are visible but the machinery that makes these needles move (and makes the clock tick) are the unsung soldiers relegated to oblivion. In the present times of pinching inflation and shrinking budgets, the alliances that men folk seek (or demand) are for working women. Men, working on weekday, get to relax and recharge over the weekend. However, workingwomen who work equivalent to men on working days do not have the luxury that a weekend usually offers. For them, it is another working day, a ‘Work for home’ day. Our story brings about the struggle, perseverance, sufferance and feelings of such workingwomen…