Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Show: Rani Vaasam Serial
Time : 7:00 PM – 7:30 PM

The past love story of Devadas and Parvati ended in a sorrow note. Status barriers defeated the lovers eventually bury their love. A sincere and pure love should never be getting defeated…..but has to win….

As time passes…..

Those two souls (Devadas, Parvati) were re-born. To fulfill their un-cherished dreams and desires they come together and fall in love again…What is written in fate… The defeated love in the previous birth could be accomplished in this present birth? This is the crux of the story….

Devadas and Parvati love has to become success…. for that they have to get married……..

How it will be, if they marry against the wishes of their parents……? Would they be known as great lovers in the History? Have their love story would stand as a greatest love story in the History… These thoughts made thrilling for the popular writer VIMALA RANI. The moment she got excited she meets the Editor of Mayuri weekly magazine and shares her thoughts and about the great love of Devadas – Parvati. Believing her thoughts, the Editor agrees to publish the love story. Thus, started RANIVAASAM serial in the Mayuri weekly magazine. Within short period the serial gains popularity and also become sensation.