Thursday, May 24, 2018

Show: Sreemathi Oka Bahuma Serial

Sreemathi Oka Bahumathi’ is the story of Umaiyal, a loving mother of four sons, and a devoted wife. As pleasant as life is now, Umaiyal’s story began in the tarnished backdrop of a refugee camp at Rameshwaram an orphan, a refugee, at the tender age of 5.

With no one to call her as family, Umaiyal longed for home, love and family – It eventually appeared in the form of Krishnan, who would become her husband. However, Krishnan’s family, who wanted Krishnan to marry into a respected household like his own, did not accept his marriage to Umaiyal.

The young couple flees to Chennai. Umaiyal and Krishnan both work hard, starting from rock bottom, determined to make it to the top. After years of toil, Krishnan ascends from being a simple lorry cleaner to owning his very own prestigious Lorry Fleet.

Then continuous the story of Umaiyal and her family.