Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Show: Ramulamma Serial
Director: Varanjneyalu
Starting Date : 20th October 2014
Show Time : 7.30 PM, Monday to Friday

Manasu mamatha Serial is a daily Serial. The expectation of this serial. Two different girls born on a same day, time and star in different families of one being very rich and another being very poor are the main characters who live their life facing a different ambition. Ravali is shocked to hear that Chelamanna needs a surgery. The doctor asks her to arrange for Rs 3 lakh. Rudramma orders Komali to burn Ramulamma’s statue. While returning, Ravali fights with a few miscreants and stops Ramulamma’s idol from being destroyed. the audiences because grand mega sets are erected for this show and budget of this serial is almost five times to bring in high quality and those are done only in hindi serials.