Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Show: Seethakoka Chilaka Serial

Seethakoka Chilaka Serial is a daily Serial. Everyman has a secret desire of romancing with his wife and wants to treat her like a girl friend even after years of marriage. It is often unexpressed and life takes a monotonous path among the married couple.

Manohar is an very ideal husband striving to keep the family happy and has a dedicated wife who is always caught up and lost in daily chores and upbringing of 6 year old child. She doesn’t respond and appreciate his need for romance. This aspect of deprivation leads him to unknown and subtle attraction to a young lady, Prerna who is the dream of every man.
Prerna is not flirtatious but very feminine and vivacious. She interacts with all men coolly and puts them down if someone is trying to take advantage of her outgoing attitude.

The trio gets locked in complicated situations without meaning bad to anyone.. Where does these lives lead to is the interesting story told in a manner which also is meant to attract men and empatise with their untold desires .. its presented in a manner that families can watch…