Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Show: Amma Naa Kodala Serial
Show Time : Mon and Sat at 6:30pm

Amma Naa Kodala Daily Serial. Zee Telugu is the leading Telugu entertainment channel providing innovative & variety of Entertaining serials. Amma Naa Kodala is the story between a Mother in law, Anasuya who is very greedy and very kind hearted daughter in law, Madhumathi. Small screen Actor cum Producer ‘Prabhakar’ who is considered as small screen Mega Star is producing this serial. Chaitanya again makes a brilliant plan to get rid of Madhumati. First daughter-in-law takes care of entire household work, as she did not bring any dowry at the time of her marriage. Second and Third daughters-in-law enjoy a royal and luxury life in Anasuya’s house as they got half crore and one crore dowry respectively.

The entire story revolves around how Madhumathi marries Anasuya’s fourth son and enters into her house and the ‘tit for tat’ game between them. For his plan to work, he needs at least Rs. 2 lakh. He discusses his whole plan with his brother and sisters but he does not know that their conversation is being overheard by Anasuya’s son-in-law. He also needs a copy of Anasuya cupboard’s key. Check out what has Chaitanaya planned now and when will he realise that his plans always backfire. Don’t miss ‘Amma Naa Kodala’ from Monday and Saturday at 6:30pm only on Zee Telugu