Thursday, May 24, 2018

Show: Gorantha Deepam Serial
Director: V.V.Varanjaneyulu

Gorantha Deepam Daily Serial. Zee Telugu is the leading Telugu entertainment channel providing innovative & variety of Entertaining serials. Gorantha Deepam has taken its shape with blessings of legendary director Sri Bapu, and is being produced by Vara Mullapudi and directed by V.V.Varanjaneyulu (the Star director of Chinna Kodalu).

Gorantha Deepam is a story of a young girl Paddu. who was born in a family which has abundance of love and affection but poor on finances. This bright girl, who aspires to study and to support her family, is been forced to get married under traditional and communal belief called ‘Bottu Pettadam’. Her struggle for supporting her family and consequences she faces at her mother-in-laws place runs the story. This serial uniquely portrays the combination of Traditional values and young Aspirations.