Thursday, May 24, 2018

Show: Iddaru Ammayilu Serial
Director: Vijayasaradhi

Iddaru Ammayilu Daily Serial. Zee Telugu is the leading Telugu entertainment channel providing innovative & variety of Entertaining serials. Directed by Vijayasaradhi, the serial has Suhasini and Vishnupriya grabbing the spotlight as sisters who grow into people with completely different perspectives towards life and relations and have contrasting approaches to situations they confront. Another major attraction for ‘Iddaru Ammayilu’ happens to be Rajyalakshmi of Shankarabaranam fame playing crucial role. She is joined by RaviKiran, Raghunath, Ram Jagan and Bhargavi. Zee Telugu comes up with a new offering ‘Iddaru Ammayilu’ starting from Feb 9th 2015. has two lead girls pitted against each other as they move along in life and up the ladder of success. The new daily serial ‘Iddaru Ammayilu’ on Zee Telugu will be aired aired every Monday to Saturday @ 6pm.